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Review: Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary reveals her life outside the Supreme Court

How does a U.S. Supreme Court justice become a pop culture icon in her 80s? She writes impressively lyrical, liberal-leaning dissenting opinions of the Court’s conservative decisions. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has her face printed on t-shirts, socks, coffee mugs and bumper stickers. Some people have even gotten tattoos of …

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A review of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please: Hitting the funny bone in all the right places

Christmas came early this year. On Oct. 28, comedian, SNL alum and current Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler released her first book, Yes Please. These words, when together, bring forth power and preciseness, according to Poehler. “Saying ‘yes’ doesn’t mean I don’t know how to say no and saying ‘please’ …

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Saturday Night Live Recap: The best and worst of Chris Rock’s controversial performance

Chris Rock and the one and only Prince put on quite a show last night as hosts of one of the most talked about Saturday Night Live episodes in a while. It was Rock’s first time returning to SNL since 1996. Obviously people expected something worthwhile from the previous SNL …