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A culture of protest at UO: then and now

On Jan. 20, 1973, a group of protesters marched from the EMU to Alton Baker Park in opposition to the Vietnam War. When the march began, there were less than a dozen people, but by the time it was over, almost 500 had joined. Marching in silence out of respect …

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Voices from behind bars: Inside the prison where UO’s furniture is made

Most students have no idea that much of the furniture at the University of Oregon is designed and built by prisoners. For years, UO has purchased furniture from Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE), a semi-independent state agency that is self-funded. Last year, UO partnered with OCE to create new dorm furniture. …


GTFF rally addresses Provost’s message and potential strike

On Nov. 12, a crowd of Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation members and student groups held a rally outside of Johnson Hall in response to the potential GTFF strike, chanting and calling for the university to support the GTFs. The GTFF has been bargaining with the University of Oregon since November …


ASUO Kickoff introduces student government goals for coming year

More than 50 students got their first taste of student government at the ASUO Kickoff meeting Tuesday. The event served as a forum for President Ben Eckstein and his staff to present their goals and ideas for the year.