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Q&A: Sasha Sloan on her EP ‘sad girl’ and collaborating with ODESZA

Sad girls have a new queen. Pop singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan is the bridge between the upbeat, superficial and the subtle, more truthful realms of modern pop music. Shrouded in the electronic beats of today’s radio hits, Sloan’s melancholic 2018 EP, “sad girl,” explores songwriting as a form of overcoming adversity. …


Friday’s snowball fight garners international media attention

Video footage that captured students pelting snowballs at former University of Oregon professor Sherwin Simmons last Friday has not only gone viral on popular social media sites such as YouTube and Reddit but has also caught the attention of media outlets around the country. As of Sunday, articles regarding the …

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Forts aren’t just for little kids anymore

Just because you’ve moved out of your parents’ place doesn’t mean your days of building awesome pillow and blanket forts are numbered. Ardent fans of NBC’s “Community” may remember not one, but two episodes in which proverbial BFFs Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir completely take over the dormitories at Greendale …


O’Gara: We create fan theories in order to live

The thing, of course, about a work of art — like a movie, book, TV show or song — is that it can only do so much.


Abadi: Wikipedia, Reddit black out in protest of SOPA; U.S. media suspiciously quiet

You may have noticed Google’s logo has been blacked out and Wikipedia is down. It wasn’t until I popped over to BBC News’ website that I noticed there was a major protest underway. In big print, their front page explained that two major websites, Wikipedia and Reddit, were going down today in protest of SOPA and PIPA.