Clusters of Excellence initiative criticized by instructors

In order to raise the University of Oregon’s profile among other research universities, provost Scott Coltrane announced last month 34 new tenure track positions, mainly in the sciences. While these projects are undoubtedly rewarding and beneficial for UO’s image, some are questioning whether this is the best use of the expected cost of …

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New self-harm support group creates rare safe space for healing

If you dealt with emotional pain by causing yourself physical pain in the form of cutting or burning yourself, you would probably be wary of revealing your secret to a group of strangers. But the leaders of a new support group at the HEDCO Clinic on campus want self-harmers to …


Fear can make items appear bigger than they are, study finds

Participants were asked how afraid they were on a scale from 0 to 100 after standing 12 feet away from the spiders and after touching the spider with an 8-inch or shorter probe.

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Experts explain the science behind why we like Halloween

Americans have embraced Halloween celebrations much more than any other country, and yet culturally, our ties to it are weak when compared to other major holidays that take place across the U.S. Why do we love Halloween, and what does that say about who we are?