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Back to the Books: Like a good neighbor, don’t have 100-person ragers at your house on a Monday night

Duck fans are known for getting rowdy after a home game. Walk down any street in the West University Neighborhood after Oregon routs an opponent and it’s pretty obvious that people love football, sometimes loudly and obnoxiously. When you combine a Duck win with the last weekend of the summer, …

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Greek: A frat house is a home, too

As the saying goes, a house is a home. But I think sometimes we forget that. Millions of fraternity men across the U.S. and Canada eat, sleep, shower and hang out most every day of every week of the school year in their chapter houses. A fraternity house is not …


University students react to proposed ordinance to control parties

Proposed harsh fines for excessive partying upset some students.


Brown: A guy’s beer says a lot about him

You walk into a party late Friday night, and your flaky drunk friend immediately ditches you for some suspect-looking hipsters in the corner. You’re alone, you’re thirsty and you don’t know anyone. Do you turn around and head home to watch a “Man v. Food” marathon by yourself and cry into a bowl of cookie dough? Hell no! That’s your Thursday night routine, remember? This is the weekend, and you need to make some friends.


Eugene police assert control during infamous party weekend

On Friday alone, there were 33 citations issued, including two party citations. On Saturday, there were 42 citations for open containers and 35 minor in possession violations. In total, 85 people were charged, 40 of whom were taken into custody and transported to the Springfield Municipal Jail.