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Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art exhibit ‘Vision of Nature/Vessel of Beauty’ begs viewers to look closer at the natural world

The renowned, Eugene-based artist Keith Achepohl said that his works currently on display in the University of Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art are “all about the life and death of plants.” The exhibit, “Vision of Nature/Vessel of Beauty,” will remain in the JSMA Barker Gallery until April 29. However, …

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UO Alum Daniela Cárdenas-Riumalló displays art installation ‘Interno’ at the EMU

Daniela Cárdenas-Riumalló has always had a creative spirit. Surrounded by artistic minds — her grandmother was a painter, her dad a classical Latin musician, her mom a contemporary dancer — she said she could feel something inside her pushing her towards art. “I never felt like it was an obligation …

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Video: Artist Francisco Letelier at the Oregon Country Fair

[youtube] Francisco Letelier works on a mural at the Oregon Country Fair depicting mother earth and father sky. Letelier tells his unique story of why he paints and what he loves about it.