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Lewis: Lessons for a future Oregonian from a former Californian

As you prepare for your first year away from home, you must be wondering what Oregon is really like. You have visited campus, participated in IntroDUCKtion and bought your first Duck shirt, but maybe you’re still curious what to expect. Many have walked in your shoes before, and the Emerald …


Andersen: University of Oregon's academic standards are movin' on up

Remember, the GPA requirement to get guaranteed admission to the school was a 3.0. The next year’s class needed a 3.25 GPA for the same luxury, followed by a 3.4 for the class of 2011. Next year, students won’t have the same chance we did. The guaranteed admission is over, starting with the class of 2016 (incoming freshmen).


Out-of-state and international students flood the University

The University is heading in the right direction. Between academics, athletics and facilities, the administration appears committed to taking the University to the next level. However, there is one common denominator going into every aspect of improvement to the school: money. Unfortunately for the University, there isn’t a lot of …