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The Freedom Thought Collective showcases multi-genre roster of bands at Freedom Thought Fest

After years of helping aspiring musical acts achieve their dreams, Eugene’s Sky Guasco and the Freedom Thought Collective, a local group of grass-root band managers, are now able to properly celebrate all of their hard work during a week-long, live music celebration: the Freedom Thought Fest. Throughout the weekend, the …


Students feeling all washed up dealing with campus laundry rooms

While listening to music and doing laundry in the McClain wing of Hamilton Hall one day, freshman Tre Garnett heard a suspicious splashing noise. When he and his hallmate turned to look, they noticed a bubbly puddle forming on the ground that was quickly traced back to the pipe that …


Kirk: The five biggest differences since leaving home

Over the weekend, I discovered five major differences between living at home and living on my own. Officially, I’ve lived on my own for over a week, and I’m starting to get the hang of it — I think. You heard right, folks; I’m a rookie to the University and living on my own.