New study by UO researchers suggests allergy medication may hinder athletic performance

Spring in Eugene can be a difficult season for people allergic to pollen. Eugene is considered one of the most active cities in the nation in terms of pollen count. Those who fall victim to seasonal allergies may stock up on antihistamines such as Allegra and Zyrtec in order to battle the …


Popular physiology class has undergraduates dissecting donors

“You never forget that the bodies are someone”, Jacqlyn Hyler says, “but you don’t feel that you’re doing something personal to them.” Hyler, a graduate teaching fellow with the Department of Human Physiology at the University of Oregon, teaches Human Cadaver Dissection, where undergraduate students can operate on and dissect …

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25 Ducks: Josef Khalifeh is pushing himself to heal the impoverished

Did you know that your veins move depending on the weather? In warmer temperatures, or after working out, veins rise to the surface of the skin to dispel body heat. In cold weather, they shrink closer to the bone to keep the body warm. This process, part of the body’s …