Controversial ordinance could close Kesey Square at night to force out homeless people

Eugene Police Department proposed an ordinance at the May 27 City Council meeting that would close Kesey Square between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m every day, to reduce vandalism. After another public comment session on June 9th, the council hasn’t made a decision yet. Kesey Square, technically named Broadway Plaza, is located at the …


Whoville deadline extended, camp to be closed on April 1

For five moths, the unauthorized homeless campsite, Whoville has survived everything from snow, record low temperatures and an eviction notice from the City Council. Though its latest victory came in the form of an eviction extension through April 1 — with the construction of a third legal homeless campsite in …

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Letter: Formerly jailed homeless were unfairly portrayed, deserve a second chance

The current homeless men who were mentioned in the article were released not only without more than money, but also without opportunity.

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The Oregon Vagabond offers hope and self-advocacy for homeless

Hobbit continued, “Now, we’re not the best people in the world, but we don’t do any harm to nobody. We just want somebody to hear our side of the story.”