Dunn Hall fire caused by spontaneous combustion

Tuesday’s fire in the Hamilton Complex’s Dunn Hall @@checked [email protected]@was an accident caused by mop heads catching on fire, investigators have confirmed. The fire, which began at approximately 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, started in the basement of Dunn Hall. According to investigators, a spontaneous combustion was caused by cooking …

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A guide to finding food for freshmen on campus

From early-morning coffee to brunch sandwiches, from dinner specials to midnight munchies, residents can enjoy the various foods the University dining halls have to offer. And if a quiet study area, a meal on the go or a late-night hangout is preferred, the venues also offer these settings.


Andersen: Construction changing face of University

I look forward to the day when I can bring my son or daughter to the University and point out where some of my craziest days happened. Not only the dorms, but the surrounding area as well: last year’s house, this year’s apartment, buildings here and there — it’s something that I can think about now and smile at the pride I know I will feel — or will I?