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Eugene rapper Endr Won triumphs over hardships and inspires others through his music

Local rapper Endr Won, 32, answers to his stage name just as naturally as he does to his given name, Kenneth. His best friend James refers to him as both but leans towards Kenneth, while the recovering drug addicts he works with at his part-time job refer to him by …

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Eugene’s Captain Crook Records remains at the “heart of DIY” music

Before Eugene’s Slade Nevin began his own record label, “Captain Crook” was just the name of his disabled cat. “Its neck was broken to the left, its tail was broken to the right, so it walked sideways,” Nevin said. Crook passed away but lives on: his name is memorialized through …

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New venue, the Boreal, provides an alternative to Eugene’s bar scene

Being a live music fan in Eugene can be frustrating. Most major touring bands prefer to stop in Portland and hop on down to San Francisco, while the local scene is almost completely defined by bars and thus inaccessible for many underage fans. Now that the Social Host Ordinance or …