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Continuing co-op culture: Inside Eugene’s historic student housing co-ops

Sun leaks in to the Janet Smith House’s living room, lighting dust particles and debris from maintenance work happening in the kitchen next door. A small white projector screen sits blank on a metal stand and there are pillows, instruments and other knick knacks scattered around the room. Just outside, …

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Local co-ops offer counterculture music scene

When you walk into the Campbell Club or the Lorax Manner, there are certain things you can’t miss. Besides the rickety furniture and vivid murals encompassing the walls, the sound of music is ubiquitous. “It is like a biosphere of music,” said Chris Crux, a Campbell Club [email protected]@found on [email protected]@ …

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Campbell Club gives away unwanted items for no cost at free market

Soft sweaters, plaid shirts, art prints, books, even a Duck scarf lying among other knitwear — all for free. The Campbell Club’s front porch was packed with items this weekend for its free market, open to the public. A small table also offered used CDs, DVDs and new paint canvases for cheap.