Left, center or right, the story of Calvin Throckmorton’s fall camp

Offensive linemen have to be big and brutal, and they smash other big, brutal guys over and over. Aches and bruises come with the job, and days off are few and far between during fall training camp and the season. Junior offensive lineman Calvin Throckmorton would agree. Last season, Throckmorton …


With an influx of freshmen and transfers, the Ducks’ offensive line depth is a new strength for the 2018 season

Oregon’s 2015 offensive line recruiting class entered the program and quickly became inseparable. Calvin Throckmorton, Shane Lemieux, Jake Hanson and Brady Aiello continued to grow as they led the line their sophomore season, spending time with each other on and off the field. “We just move like a herd,” Throckmorton …