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Ducks lose 3-0 on the road against No. 16 Cal Golden Bears

Oregon soccer suffered its second consecutive loss in its match Sunday morning against No. 16-ranked Cal in Berkeley, California. The Ducks are now 7-9. For Cal, the victory marks its fifth shutout in a row. Back and forth play throughout the first half concluded at halftime, when the sides remained …

Club Sports

Sulitzer brothers play hockey together for the first and last time

Dan Sulitzer has played ice hockey for 20 years. His brother, Alex, has played for 17. Although both have played hockey since the age of 5, they’ve never played together. At least, until now. Dan and Alex wanted to change the fact that they had never been on the same …

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Sex: Nadia Cho's library sex scandal at UC Berkeley

While students at UC Berkeley were busy making travel plans for Thanksgiving, Nadia Cho had another prerogative. She wanted to prove that having sex on campus was possible. Not just anywhere, but in UC Berkeley’s library. She had sex in between the stacks of her library — right next to the books on …

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Schedule for Oregon women's basketball could ruin the potential for an amazing season

It’s only so helpful to think about this so early in the year, but a handful of tough stretches on the Oregon women’s basketball schedule could threaten to derail a season full of potential. On paper, the most difficult sequence for the Ducks starts in early February. The month begins …


No. 3 Oregon outpaces Cal 59-17 to stay unbeaten

On a day full of BCS madness, No. 3 Oregon restored some semblance of order to the national college football rankings, battling injuries and a scrappy California defense to win 59-17 and stay undefeated on the year. But while the scoreboard reads as another Ducks blowout, Saturday night’s game was …


Economist Barry Eichengreen on economic crisis in Europe

Leading scholar on Europe’s financial crisis Barry Eichengreen sent a powerful message to students on Thursday night when he said that Europe’s economic crisis not only affects European markets, but also job markets in the United States. “Europe’s crisis is a world’s crisis,” Eichengreen said to a room packed with …