A brand new Bean, renovations worth the construction disruption

The University of Oregon Housing, Residence Life and Facilities Departments held a town hall for Bean East residents on Thursday in response to resident concerns with disruptions caused by the Bean West construction. Bean West renovations started the summer of this year and will continue through late fall of 2018. …

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Bean Hall: The end of a dirty legacy

“You lived in Bean? I’m sorry.” For all its perceived flaws, Bean Hall’s tiny rooms and concrete walls have housed decades of University of Oregon students. Although the east-campus residence hall will begin a two-year renovation this summer, many residents will remember Bean’s old halls with both fondness and resentment. …


Andersen: New residence hall just isn't enough

Both Bean and Hamilton are crumbling more and more each day and it’s only a matter of time before they fall apart like a house of cards. So what happens when the two most inhabited dorms, which lay claim to nearly half of the residence halls’ capacity, sink into the ground?