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Egener: ‘Planet Earth II’ ‘Cities’ episode shows human impact the way nature docs never have

The sky is clear, and an alpha male langur monkey sits relaxed in the shade on a beige, residential rooftop in Jodhpur, India among several female langurs. But the day doesn’t remain peaceful for this particular alpha langur, as a gang of hostile male langurs approaches. The alpha langur leaps …

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Netflix shows to watch instead of going outside

Who says the arrival of Spring has to mean spending more time outdoors? The rain may be (kind of) gone, but days spent lounging around the house are still very much alive. Sometimes going outside is overrated — the best days are the ones with no agenda but to visually …

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Mendoza: Times have changed for women, but how much?

A husband and wife smile at the camera. The husband wears a suit, and the wife a dress and chef hat. The caption reads “the chef does everything but cook – that’s what wives are for.” This 1950s ad for Kenwood Chef completes the sexist ad with their marquee slogan, “I’m …


Abadi: Wikipedia, Reddit black out in protest of SOPA; U.S. media suspiciously quiet

You may have noticed Google’s logo has been blacked out and Wikipedia is down. It wasn’t until I popped over to BBC News’ website that I noticed there was a major protest underway. In big print, their front page explained that two major websites, Wikipedia and Reddit, were going down today in protest of SOPA and PIPA.