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The ultimate Rush week playlist

This is the week that all fraternities and sororities are celebrating the glory of Rush – Canada’s best rock band. With Rush Week coming to a close, here’s a playlist of songs from Rush, naturally.


ASUO Summer Senate close to spending the last of their surplus funds

With 13 weeks of summer left, a few compromises and a hot day, the student governing body may find themselves out of money next week.


Long: Undergraduates and Greeks should be equal, not separate

Being a member of Greek life is simply an extracurricular that enhances my experience as a regular college student. It doesn’t make me a better person than you. It doesn’t make me smarter than you. It doesn’t make me cooler than you. Why some people, who aren’t participants in Greek life, feel the need to defend themselves or mount offensives against Fraternity and Sorority Life shows nothing but insecurity.