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Science Pick of the Week: Researchers shed light on alcohol as a ‘gateway’ drug

Science Pick of the Week is a new column co-written by Max Enger and Frankie Lewis dedicated to analyzing science news relevant to the University of Oregon campus community. Max Egener is an Arts & Culture writer at the Daily Emerald covering documentary films and food. He has a bachelor’s …

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10 do’s and don’ts of campus barhopping

Before you step out into the campus bar scene, check out this list of do’s and don’ts as a guide to conquering (and surviving) the night.  DO: Bring cash money An unfortunate situation that seasoned campus bar-hoppers can attest to are the countless times debit or credit cards have disappeared …

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The festivities and food of Mardi Gras

By Dana Rengel Mardi Gras celebrations are few and far between in Eugene, but since when has that stopped anyone from having a good time? Tuesday, March 4, take a break from essay-writing and midterm-studying to gorge yourself on, well, anything, because this is the holiday of excess. In the …

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Find your new favorite cocktails in Eugene

Looking to find a more sophisticated beverage when desiring an alcoholic drink? Perhaps your 21st birthday has finally happened and the world of possibilities for drinks to consume became so much more achievable. Do yourself a favor and put away the plastic bottles of cheap alcohol and invest in some …

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The Buzz adds beer and wine to the menu

Let’s get the obvious joke out of the way: The Buzz serves beer and wine now, so feel free to annoy your friends and fellow students when you “cleverly” announce where you’re going for a drink. Got it out of your system? Good. As of Monday, spirits found a permanent …