Nominee: Susan Hamwi

Occupation: Lawyer, mediator

They say that kindness is one of the secrets to success, and Susan Hamwi may just be the perfect example of unlocking that secret. A lawyer and mediator, Susan’s ability to look on the brightside and maintain a positive, happy attitude is part of what allows her to excel in her job and really help people. Her “helping mentality” as a major factor in her interactions with clients and ability to perform in what is often a tense environment. 

  • Is there a lesson we can learn from this individual? Keeping a great attitude and being nice to the people you’re surrounded by will get you way farther in life than being angry all the time or upset. Susan is inspiring because of her happiness, and she works so hard every day, even when she has to take care of so many people and their everyday issues. It’s amazing and inspires me to always keep going. 

  • Is there a story you’d like to tell about this person? She was helping multiple people with their issues and at one point it was taking a personal toll on her. She was becoming stressed and you could tell she was taking on some of the hardship of the people’s experiences she was working for.  But she was able to get everyone back on the right track and push through despite the hardship because she is such a strong woman, and I think we can all learn something from that.