Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey addresses the media on Thursday April 4, 2019 in Tampa Bay, Florida, at the Final Four. (Maggie Vanoni/Emerald)

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey, along with Lauren Cox, Kalani Brown and Chloe Jackson from the Lady Bears team, spoke with media Thursday morning to preview Friday’s matchup against Oregon.

Here’s what the team said about going against the Ducks:

Q. Lauren and Kalani, when you look at the contrasting styles of play, what you like to do, what Oregon likes to do, almost feels like old school versus new school basketball. How would you describe the matchup between you guys?

LAUREN COX: We're more of an inside-out kind of team. We have two big post players inside. They're more of a, like, 4-1 team, one player inside, four at one end.

KALANI BROWN: I mean, she pretty much covered it. Just what she said. A 4-1 team. We use more a post-game. Our game is pretty much ran through our post.

Q. Lauren, with the 4-1, playing what they have, does that make you have to get out, stretch out? How much does it help that you already played that kind of team before?

LAUREN COX: Yeah, I'm going to have to go out and guard on the perimeter some, guard the three-point shot. I've been doing that all year. That definitely helps to have that experience.

Q. Can you talk about Oregon's offensive threat.

KIM MULKEY: I won't tell you my plan, is that fair enough? I will tell you that it all starts with Sabrina. What a talent. What a joy to watch. If you're not having to play against her...

The thing that I love more than her talent is I love the way she competes. She's got that 'umph' in her. She makes everybody around her better. She's just a special, special talent.

That's where I start and probably stop in answering your question. All those kids know she makes them better. She'll get the ball to them in spots where it makes them look good. She certainly is not the only great player on that team but it starts and stops with her.

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