Rifanty Kahfiani serves for the Ducks in a doubles match. Oregon Ducks women's tennis takes on University of Montana at the Student Tennis Center in Eugene, Ore. on Feb. 15, 2019. (Connor Cox/Emerald)

Oregon women's tennis is shorthanded with injuries and the Ducks paid the price again on Sunday against No. 9 UCLA. 

The Ducks forfeited one of the three doubles matches, making it easy for the Bruins to grab the doubles point. 

In singles, Oregon forfeited in the sixth position to give UCLA a 2-0 lead without a singles match even being played. 

The Bruins made quick work, clinching the match with wins against Oregon's Taryn Fujimori and Paiton Wagner in straight-set wins for UCLA. Fujimori failed to win a game in her singles match. 

The matches were played out, and a UCLA retirement by Alaina Miller in her match against Julia Eshet gave Oregon its lone point. 

UCLA won the remaining matches, beating Rifanty Khafiani to finish off the day. 

The Ducks take on Colorado in Boulder on March 29. 

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