Seniors reflect on their Oregon women’s soccer careers

Oregon Ducks Senior Forward Kira Wagoner (13) high fives her teammates before the game against the University of Washington at Pape Field in Eugene, Ore on Nov. 1, 2015. (Adam Eberhardt/Emerald) Photo credit: Adam Eberhardt

After a thrilling 1-0 overtime win against Washington on Sunday, Oregon women’s soccer will close out its season against the Oregon State Beavers on Friday.

The game on Sunday was special, not just because the Ducks snapped their seven-game losing streak, but also because it was senior day. Kira Wagoner, Kelsey Foo, Brooke Strawn, Kristen Parr and goalkeeper Katie McCormick were all honored prior to kickoff in a simple but touching ceremony.

Once the pandemonium that followed Marissa Everett’s game-winning goal died down, the five seniors looked back on what they will miss most about playing for Oregon.

Kira WagonerForward

Favorite Memory: A training exercise they did Wagoner’s junior year called, “The Program,” in which players tread water while wearing a sweater, then take the soaked sweater off and pass it to the next teammate.

“We did it for about 45 minutes. I can’t swim, so I have the smallest people on our team, literally at the bottom of the pool, holding me up. Once it was finally over, I’m hysterical. I’ve cried out every ounce of liquid that’s in me, and we brought the team together and [the trainers] asked how we thought the drill went. It was the first time I broke down in front of our team. I didn’t understand how much of a family we were until I was literally drowning and every single person on this team had my back and was able to lift me up and literally save my life.”

Favorite Game: Last year against Washington, when Wagoner scored the golden goal.

“That was pretty big. I haven’t scored that many goals, but to score against [the Huskies] was fantastic.”

What will you miss the most: Inside jokes on the field.

“We have stuff that we go back and forth with. It’s witty, it’s fun and it keeps you lighthearted. I think the little things like that — just joking around on the field with people — that’s what I’m going to miss most.”

Katie McCormickGoalkeeper

Favorite Memory: Completing a conditioning test with Marlo Sweatman.

“There were multiple times where I’d push her across the [starting] line. Then she would trip and I’d have to pick her back up to get her back to the line to run the next one.”

Favorite Game: Washington on senior day.

“It’s always the freshest game in your mind and [the goal] was 25 seconds into overtime.”

What will you miss the most: The team.

“I love the whole team setting and being around these girls every day. Whether someone is having a good or a bad day, everyone cheers each other up and it just makes everything better.”

Kelsey FooMidfielder

Favorite Memory: Off-the-field activities.

“You make such special bonds on the field, but off the field — you can’t break those.”

Favorite Game: Washington on senior day.

“All of us were so pumped up and to get that win last-minute was awesome.”

What will you miss most: The team.

“I’m going to miss being around these crazy people every single day. It is a lot of hard work waking up early, but in the end, everything is worth it.”

Kristen ParrDefender

Favorite Memory: Going to Papé Field for the first time.

“Walking to Papé Field for the first time my freshman year, that was kind of a big deal.”

Favorite Game: All of them.

“There’s always the first and the last, but I don’t think I can single one out. There are memories from all of them.”

What will you miss the most: Everything.

“I think I’m going to miss coming [to the field] every day and being worn out, and having something to challenge me. I’m going to have to find that in something else.”

Brooke Strawn – Defender

Favorite Memory: “The Program.”

“I was a good swimmer and other people weren’t, so it was intriguing to see other people let their guards down and let themselves be helped. It felt really nice to be there for your teammates.”

Favorite Game: Washington State this year.

“I got a header goal and it was really fun. I couldn’t believe it. I always like to celebrate header goals because I’m a tall player.”

What will you miss the most: The team.

“They’re the reason why I get up every day and play soccer. It’s part of your family and I can’t wait to see what next year brings for them.”

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