Ducks left-handed pitcher Jordan Dail (2) pitches to the Golden Bears. Oregon Ducks softball takes on the California Golden Bears at Jane Sanders Stadium in Eugene, Ore. on April 19,2019 and enters a rain delay with one out and Bears on first and second base. (Maddie Knight/Emerald)

Leading up to today’s game, the Ducks were on a four game losing streak, dropping all three matchups against Oregon State last weekend and falling short 4-3 in their Friday night matchup with Utah. Today, the outcome would be different as the Ducks defeated Utah 9-4. 

The Ducks had a hot start at the plate with back-to-back doubles from Allee Bunker and Shaye Bowden, making it 1-0 after just two at bats. But the Ducks weren’t done yet. Rachel Cid added yet another double before the end of the inning, scoring Bowden and upping the tally to 2-0 Ducks.

The Utes battled back in the bottom of the first inning, but with a strong effort in the field and great pitching from left-handed sophomore Jordan Dail, the Ducks were able to hold them to just one run.

With even more production from the top of the batting order, the Ducks went on to score again in the third inning, making it 3-1 over the Utes.

With heavy hitters throughout their lineup, the Utes were able to battle back into the game in the bottom of the fourth after neutralizing the Ducks batters in the top of the inning. After four innings, the game was tied at three a piece.

The Ducks began to pull away in the fifth inning, with two doubles from Cid and Bunker and a single from Bowden. They finished the inning up 5-3.

The Utes once again fought back, cutting the lead to just 5-4 Ducks at the end of the sixth inning.

Going into the seventh inning, the Ducks were nursing a small lead, and the Utes were beginning to come on strong, but it wouldn’t be enough for them to find their way back. The Ducks caught fire, putting up four runs and five hits in the seventh inning alone.

The Ducks, lead by Dail, were able to solidify their victory through shutting down the Utes batters to finish out the game.

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