Armando Soemarno’s impact in doubles play felt both on and off the court for the Ducks

When it comes to the sport of tennis, most attention is drawn towards the accomplishments of the individual. Collegiately, individual rankings and conference player of the week honors tend to steal most of the headlines. Considering that, it can be easy to underappreciate what Armando Soemarno brings to the table …

The Ducks' final home match ended in disappointment as they were defeated by No. 35 Cal 4-0.

Although they played well in doubles play, losing 2-1, they were completely shut out in singles play. The Ducks were unable to snap a seven-match losing streak.

Standout senior Thomas Laurent was out with an undisclosed injury. This loss now places the Ducks at 13-9 on the season and 1-7 in conference play. California improves to 12-11 and 4-4 in conference play.

In doubles play, the Ducks put up their strongest effort as Joshua Charlton and Ty Gentry defeated No. 32 Jacob Brumm and Yuta Kikuchi. For the Golden Bears, Paul Barretto and Can Kaya defeated Riki Oshima and Charles Roberts. Doubles play was decided by a close match between Ben Draper and Mert Zincirli and Emmanuel Coste and Armando Soemarno which California won.

Doubles play gave California a 1-0 lead that they would not relinquish for the rest of the match.

Between doubles and singles play the Duck’s seniors were honored. The Ducks' three seniors, Thomas Laurent of Montpellier, France, Armando Soemarno of Jakarta, Indonesia, and Ethan Young-Smith of Bend, Oregon, were celebrated in a short ceremony that highlighted their achievements. The seniors helped to anchor a team that has five underclassmen players.

“Lots of fun and hard work," Young-Smith said. "I have memories to keep over a lifetime.”

In singles play, the Ducks were completely shut out.

Jack Molloy defeated Ty Gentry (6-0, 6-2.) Ben Draper defeated Charles Roberts (6-2, 6-1) and Bjorn Hoffmann defeated Ethan Young-Smith (6-3, 6-2.) These wins put California up 4-0 ending the match.

This left the other singles matches unfinished. These matches were Yuta Kikuchi and Emmanuel Coste, Paul Barretto and Riki Oshima and finally Jacob Brumm and Joshua Charlton.

This was a far cry from the Stanford match, which was decided in the final match between Geller of Stanford and the Ducks' Thomas Laurent. This was a disappointing end to senior day and the end of the season.  

“Today was tough at every position,” Young-Smith said.

The Ducks have now lost eight matches in a row. Oregon struggled in conference play this year, only earning one win against Washington. Although a strong home team for the majority of the season, the Ducks have lost their last four home matches. The team has played six ranked opponents in a row in a brutal conference schedule.

The Ducks hope they can play stronger in the Pac-12 conference tournament next week.

“We’re hungry for the postseason,” Soemarno said.

The Ducks will have a chance for redemption starting Wednesday at the PAC-12 tournament. 

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