Midfielder, Jamie Level (4), rushes the ball towards the opposing goal. Oregon Ducks Womens lacrosse bests the Liberty Flames, 20-12. (Madelyn Stellingwerf/Emerald)

Oregon lacrosse started the season with a loss on Friday, falling to San Diego State 11-9. Although the Ducks struck first to open the match, the Aztecs built a 6-2 lead in the middle of the match and rode it to victory. 

The Ducks’ Lillian Stump opened the scoring with a goal in the opening two minutes of the game. But only a minute later, a foul by Nakeeya McCardell set up an Aztec goal by Cailin Young. Oregon was able to take the lead again after Rooney Brooke forced a stick check that led to an Oregon goal by Hanna Hilcoff.

But Oregon was not able to hold a lead for the rest of the match. The Aztecs scored three goals in five minutes due to two Oregon fouls and gave up a free position attempt. Haley Cummins was able to stop the bleeding, scoring a goal. But the Aztecs were able to maintain their lead into the halftime break, 8-6.

The Ducks were not able to overcome their deficit in the second half, but they came close. McCardell opened the scoring in the second half. But Oregon conceded another free position and gave up a goal to Emily Resnick. 

Oregon had one last chance at a comeback when McCardell scored another goal, putting the Ducks within one. However, with six minutes left Young scored the final goal of the match, winning 11-9. 

Oregon will have a shot at redemption against UC Davis on Sunday.