When not playing football, junior linebacker Spencer Paysinger ? putt-putt golf extraordinaire ? enjoys hanging out with his roommate, cornerback Brian Butterfield, and fellow linebackers Riley Showalter and Casey Matthews.


Oregon Daily Emerald: What’s your major?


Paysinger: Econ, with a minor in business management. I only have two more classes in my econ and one in business so I’ll be done by winter.

ODE: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of football?

SP: Pretty much listen to music. Also, me, Casey (Matthews) and Riley (Showalter) like to challenge each other in putt-putt golf. We have a little tournament. We play at Roaring Rapids in Springfield.

ODE: Who is the best putter?

SP: Riley is pretty good from five feet, but I have the long shot.

ODE: You play golf or do you stick to just mini-golf?

SP: I’d like to play but I need to get some left-handed clubs out here; everyone only has right-handed clubs. I’m going to try and get my dad to mail up his lefty clubs. Once they get here, me, my roommate Brian Butterfield and Chad Peppars are going to go out.

ODE: What would be the sport you would play besides football?

SP: I’d say basketball. I played to my junior year in high school before I started focusing on football, but I’ve been playing since I was three years old.

ODE: Take me through a game day.

SP: I have a little ritual. The night before I have soup, two sandwiches, cookies and chips. The day of I’m always on my iPod looking at notes. Me and the trainer James have a joke. I always have a bagel sandwich, and I told him if I get 20 tackles in a game, he has to make it for me.

ODE: What’s the closest you’ve come?

SP: The closest I’ve come is 13. I’m going to get him one day.

ODE: What does it feel like running out of the tunnel here at Autzen?

SP: It’s amazing. I’m not the usually the type of guy who is jumping around; I’m more of the quiet type, but once we get out of the tunnel it overwhelms me.

ODE: What’s the perspective from a player’s standpoint on how loud it gets?

SP: Being on the defense, we can’t hear anything because the crowd is at its loudest. I could stand three feet from Casey and we have to talk by hand signals.

ODE: Have you ever missed a signal because of the noise?

SP: Yeah. Sadly, yes. You just have to make up for it in speed. When they hike the ball, just run and tackle the ball carrier and move on to the next play.

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