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This week the Daily Emerald caught up with junior wide receiver Jamere Holland after practice to ask him a few questions about life, football and anything in between. Here’s what he had to say.

OREGON DAILY EMERALD: What’s your major?


JAMERE HOLLAND: Sociology. Minor in art.


ODE: What do you want to do with that?


JH: I haven’t decided, I just want to get it. They say life’s better with a degree. I’m going to get it and see what I can do with it.


ODE: Are you going to graduate this year?


JH: I dunno. Probably next year.


ODE: If you weren’t playing football what sport would you be playing?


JH: I would probably be running track.


ODE: What did you run? 100 meters?


JH: Yeah. 100 meters, 200 meters. State champ. But that’s nothing, you know (laughs).


ODE: How fast were you?


JH: Umm. Pretty fast. That was a long time ago to go back.


ODE: What do you run your 40-yard dash in?


JH: My last 40 I ran was a 4.21 actually. But that was a year ago.


ODE: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at practice?


JH: Chilling with the girls. Or, you know, some homework or something or reading some books. My main one is chilling with girls.


ODE: Favorite movie?


JH: I dunno. There’s so many good movies out there today that it’s too hard to pick just one.


ODE: Take me through your routine on game day.


JH: I listen to my music — Jay-Z. I just try and stay as focused as I can and get ready for the game.


ODE: When you run out that tunnel, what’s it like?


JH: It feels good actually. The fans are out there for the team and when you run out there you think, “All this for us?” It’s a good feeling. I’m more mellow. I like to be at the front of the tunnel, I don’t know why but the front is nice. I try to stay as level as I can.


ODE: Do you have any brothers or sisters?


JH: Two brothers and a sister.


ODE: Are your brothers faster than you?


JH: Almost. My older brother was a little faster than me back in the day but we haven’t raced in a long time.


ODE: Are you looking forward to the Cal game?


JH: Yeah. I played with a lot of those guys in high school; I ran against Jahvid (Best).


ODE: Did he ever beat you?


JH: No way. He never beat me.


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