With the Oregon club hockey team’s season ending last week, here’s a recap of what happened this season:

– Oregon won the I-5 Cup against Washington. Oregon won the Cup two years ago, but UW had it the year prior. I-5 Cup games are usually extremely competitive, but this year the Ducks won the four-game series 9-5, 7-2, and 9-3.

– The team made it to the Pac-8 Championship Finals. No. 3 Oregon played No. 1 Utah who eliminated them 5-1. It was Oregon’s second time in four years making it to the finals and both times the Ducks fell to the Utes. The championship match had 47 penalties in the game, 31 of them belonging to Oregon. There were 134 penalty minutes total.

“I think the boys really came together,” forward Chris Campbell said. “We played our hearts out, but the refs stole it from us. Is Utah a phenomenal team? Absolutely. I’m not taking anything away from them. But can we skate with them? Absolutely. Long story short, I don’t know how much you can do when you’re playing against Utah and the refs — so it was a tough loss — but the boys did play phenomenally.”

– Forward Nick Sciabarra and goaltender Danny Cockriel will be playing on the third team for the Pac-8 All-Stars. Players are nominated for the All-Star team by coaches in the the Pac-8.

“It feels great that I can go represent my team and maybe play some good hockey,” Sciabarra sad. “And if others don’t go (due to dropping out), maybe Trevor Shott and Alex Sulitzer can come with us. That would be cool.”

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