On one side of the mat at Fairmont State University, Baylor was jumping up and celebrating as R. Kelly’s “World Greatest” blasted from the speakers. On the other side, Oregon athletes held their hands up, showcasing the traditional “O” as fans joined in.

Baylor had taken its spot on top of the acrobatics and tumbling world, ending Oregon’s four-year reign.

“We’ve had a lot of highs and a lot of lows, but this team has really learned a lot and fought to the finish,” coach Chelsea Shaw said in a press release. “I am really proud of their performance, this week in particular.”

Baylor, led by former Oregon coach Felecia Mulkey, defeated the Ducks on Saturday 286.690-282.870 to win the National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association National Championship.

Baylor got out to an early 39.05-38.35 lead in the compulsory event and never trailed. Oregon defeated Baylor in the tumbling event – the only event the Ducks would in the meet.

Heading into the team routine, the meet’s final event, the Bears had a 185.00-183.90 lead. Oregon went first and notched 98.87 score. Baylor trumped that with a 101.69 score of its own to win the national championship.

The Baylor win snaps a streak of four straight national titles for Oregon.

Senior Kisa Chapman reflected on her four years at Oregon after the loss.

“It was an all-around amazing experience,” Chapman said in the press release, “being on this team for four years and making life-long friends. It’s been an amazing ride.”

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