Best of Campus




2020 Best of Campus Winners!

Best Asian: 1st. Sweet Basil 

Sweet Basil is a compact restaurant that boasts big flavor. Next time you’re in the mood for Asian food, consider trying their sweet and spicy Pad Thai or their imitation crab and cream cheese “Oh My God” rolls and let the rolls speak for themselves.

2nd. Four Plus 3 Korean BBQ 3rd. Sabai

Best Italian: 1st. Pastini 

This bistro chain is the perfect place to get a classic taste of the Italian food you’re craving with a fun modern twist, both in the ambiance and the flavors. Pastini has a wide range of contemporary plates and appetizers to satisfy whatever genre of noodle you’re hoping for. 

2nd. Mazzi's 3rd. Beppe & Gianni's 

Best Bakery: 1st. Sweet Life 

Voted best bakery in Eugene, Sweet Life is the place to visit if you like cupcakes, pastries as well as multiple flavors for ice cream! This is a classic one-stop-shop for all your sweet tooth needs. 

2nd. Hideaway Bakery 3rd. Vero 

Best Coffee: 1st. Tailored Coffee 

Local, freshly roasted and right downtown—what more could you ask for in a good cup of joe? Enjoy a modern ambiance and delicious hot-and-cold brews at this micro-roastery in the heart of Eugene.

2nd. Vero 3rd. Meraki Coffee

Best Kombucha: 1st. Townshend's Teahouse 

Located conveniently on campus and downtown, this poppin’ tea bar has the tastiest kombucha in Eugene and all the flavors you could possibly imagine. Good for your taste buds and your body, kombucha from Townshend’s is a good idea for any situation. Pick up a punch card and get your 11th drink for free!

 2nd. Brew Dr. Teahouse 3rd. Elevate Kombucha

Best Mexican: 1st. Tacovore 

Food really doesn’t get any better than a perfectly toasted tortilla, layers of sour cream and all the pico de gallo you can dream of. Tacovore is a legendary place in Eugene for the loaded taco of your dreams, and their name is even spot on. Don’t forget to take a selfie in front of their recognizable Tacovore mural outside, too—it makes for a killerInstagram photo.

2nd. Hacienda Amigo Mio's 3rd. Pandita 

Best Thai: 1st. Sweet Basil 

2nd. Sabai 3rd. Tasty Thai

Best Vegetarian/Vegan: 1st. Cornbread Cafe 

Cornbread Cafe's plant-based comfort food is sure to convert any carnivore. With delicious mains like the chick'n biscuit or vegan reuben, and mouthwatering sides like the mac uncheese and, of course, cornbread, this vegan restaurant is changing the game.

2nd. Morning Glory Cafe 3rd. Laughing Planet

Best Dessert: 1st. Insomnia Cookie 

If you’re looking for cookies fresh from the oven at any time of day, Insomnia Cookies has a sweet that is guaranteed to rock your world no matter the hour. Stop by for a fresh dozen of classic chocolate chip or top a cup of ice cream with your favorite special-edition cookie with fudge to top it all off. 

2nd. Sweet Life 3rd. Yogurt Extreme 

Best Brunch: 1st. Brail’s 

This cult-favorite brunch stop has everything you need to kick off the day or end a particularly long night with a mimosa to soothe your soul. Brail’s offers a classic menu of breakfast and brunch favorites with a comforting diner atmosphere.

2nd. Off The Waffle 3rd. Glenwood 

Best Burger: 1st. Little Big Burger 

Founded nearby in Portland, this burger stop quickly expanded across the state as word spread about it’s delicious burgers and to-die-for truffle fries. Stop by Little Big Burger for a simple yet elegant burger melody and a root beer float.

2nd. McMenamins 3rd. Cornucopia  

Best Pizza: 1st. Track Town 

If you're looking for pizzas then look no further! Track Town Pizza has all the combinations of crust, toppings and flavors you can wish for. Order wings on the side and you got yourself a delicious meal!

2nd. La Perla 3rd. Pegasus

Best Sushi: 1st. Duck Sushi 

Located just a quick walk down the street from campus, Duck Sushi provides the elegance of intricate sushi rolls while providing the fun and casual ambiance of a college town. Don’t miss out on their Rock and Roll Roll to really kick off a celebration.

2nd. Sushi Pure 3rd. Sushi Seoul 

Best Food Truck: 1st. Rackhouse BBQ 

Mashing up two amazing things, BBQ and food trucks, Rackhouse is certain to wow your tastebuds with sauces made from scratch and in-house meat smoking. Place your order online and head home with crispy wings or a steak that is red in all the right places.

2nd. Subo Sushi 3rd. Ully's Taco Bar 

Best Wings: 1st. Hot Mama’s Wings 

There’s no better place to get a piping-hot plate of wings to satisfy that spicy craving you’ve had all day. Hot Mama’s Wings has options for everyone, whether you prefer a mild sauce or want to feel your taste buds melting away with heat, there is a wing here for you. They can even make any of their menu items with seasoned tempeh for the vegan wing lovers out there.

2nd. Rennie's Landing 3rd. Toxic Wings

Best Date Restaurant: 1st. The Vintage 

Whether you’re going on your first date or enjoying  date night with your long-term sweetheart, dining at The Vintage will surely impress your partner. This charming bistro serves delectable crepes, pub grub and breakfast.

2nd. Beppe & Gianni 3rd. Tacovore

Best Food Cart: 1st. Subo Sushi Burritos Food Truck 

There is nothing more Oregonian than food carts and hybrid cuisine, and Subo Sushi Burritos Food Truck checks both of those boxes. At Subo Sushi Burritos you can get a giant burrito version of your favorite sushi roll. Fans of sushi and burritos will not be disappointed. 

2nd. Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery 3rd. Moi Poki

Best Cheap Eats: 1st. Caspian 

Sometimes being a college student means eating on a budget, but that doesn’t mean living on top ramen every night. Caspian Mediterranean Cafe provides delicious, affordable food that you’ll keep going back for.

2nd. El Super Burrito 3rd. Rennie's Landing  

Best New Restaurant: 1st. Pandita 

Are you tired of all your tried and true dining spots? Pandita isn’t at all what you’re used to. This up and coming Mexican-American-Asian fusion restaurant has an eccentric menu of dishes with a twist. The bold flavors from three different cuisines truly come together and create something entirely new that will be added to your list of go-to food places after your first visit.

2nd. Tiny Hot Pot 3rd. Addis Ethiopian 

Best Late Night Eats: 1st. Dough Co. 

The Dough Co. is the place to go when your stomach starts growling at 2 am and there’s no food at home. These made-from-scratch calzones will satisfy those late-night cravings unlike anything else. The massive menu caters to any flavor palette and if you want something sweet for dessert be sure to try their fresh cookies. You will not be disappointed.

2nd. Burrito Boy 3rd. Caspian

Best Delivery: 1st. Track Town Pizza 

2nd. Insomnia Cookie 3rd. Pegasus

Best Happy Hour: 1st. Rennie’s Landing 

If you can’t decide on the best happy hour to hit with your friends, look no further. Rennie’s Landing has two options for happy hour from 4-7 and 10-12 am. There’s plenty of room in the two-story, double-patio building for even the largest groups to enjoy some of Rennie’s happy hour specials.

2nd. Wild Duck 3rd. Agate Alley 

Best Hangover Breakfast: 1st. Brail’s 

2nd. Off The Waffle 3rd. Rennie's Landing

Best Pub Food: 1st. Rennie’s Landing 

2nd. North Fork 3rd. Fathom's

Best Brewery: 1st. Falling Sky 

Falling Sky is the perfect brewery to enjoy a delicious bite-to-eat and a pint of beer-- or several pints. There are three, uniquely themed, locations in Eugene depending on what you’re in the mood for. Whether you want to enjoy a beer at a deli, a pizzeria or a pub, Falling Sky has you covered.

2nd. Hop Valley 3rd. Oakway/Sunriver 

Best Restaurant to Take Parents: 1st. Oregon Electric Station 

Your parents are coming to town and you are hoping to take them somewhere a little fancier for dinner-- and that they’ll take care of the bill. Oregon Electric Station not only has exquisite dishes, it was also built in a 1912 former train station. You and your parents will be wowed by the incredible interior and attentive staff.

2nd. Ambrosia 3rd. Pandita 

Best Campus Restaurant: 1st. Falling Sky 

2nd. Toxic Wings 3rd. Falling Sky

Best Winery: 1st. Sweet Cheeks 

Wine-lovers already know about this gem of a winery tucked away in the picturesque Southern Willamette Valley. Enjoy a glass of Sweet Cheeks wine while taking in the beautiful rolling vineyards in the Oregon country-side. Sweet Cheeks winery is not just a winery, it’s an entire experience that you will not soon forget. 

2nd. King Estate 3rd. Silvan

Best Beer Selection: 1st. Beer Garden 

This multi-stop food truck and beer extravaganza is located conveniently just past downtown on 6th, and has so many brew selections you won’t know where to start. With 42 options on tap and more behind the scenes, the Beer Garden is the place to go to quench your thirst.

2nd. Bier Stein 3rd. Oakway Pub  

Best Bar: 1st. Rennie’s Landing 

2nd. Jameson's 3rd. Oakway Pub

Best Trivia Night: 1st. Rennie’s Landing 

2nd. First National Bank 3rd. Webfoot

Best Karaoke: 1st. Webfoot 

If you’re a 21+ UO student, you probably already have plenty of memories at Webfoot. Webfoot isn’t just a popular bar near campus, it also serves excellent pub grub and hosts events like karaoke. Every Sunday at 9 pm you can have your three minutes of fame on stage and sing your little heart out at Webfoot karaoke.

2nd. Agate Alley 3rd. Game Pub

Best Place to see Live Music: 1st. Matt Knight Arena 

University of Oregon’s Matt Knight Arena is a hub for talent. From women’s basketball to headlining musicians and gut-busting comedy acts, the Matt Knight Arena is an ideal spot to experience live-entertainment. The 12,364-seat arena is an epicenter for life-long memories that you must visit to see for yourself.

2nd. WOW Hall 3rd. Beergarden

Best Fun Under 21: 1st. Putter’s 

Mini golf is a great indoor activity for a rainy Eugene day when you’re under 21. Check out Putter’s if you love mini golf or if you’re new to Eugene and looking for a fun activity to try.

2nd. Round One 3rd. Get Air

Best Place to Watch a Movie: 1st. Regal Cinema 

What’s better than kicking back after a long day of shopping for a film? Valley River Center’s Regal Cinema is conveniently located inside the mall to offer you a break from walking through the stores to check out all the recent movies.

2nd. Broadway Metro 3rd. Bijou

Best Dispensary: 1st. Jamaica Joel’s 

Located just  steps from downtown Eugene, Jamaica Joel’s is beloved for it’s on-brand ambiance and killer cannabis deals. Budtenders are at the ready to help you find the strain or product for you, and the inundation of Rastafarian colors and themes will put you in just the right mood for a doobie or two.

2nd. Spacebuds 3rd. River Valley Remedies 

Best Dispensary Atmosphere: 1st. Eugene OG 

A staple in the local cannabis community, Eugene OG has been leading the way for dispensaries in both atmosphere and options since 2014. Ceiling shelves of jars brimming with nugs, smiling faces and glass pieces galore are just a few bits of the eye candy you’ll enjoy inside this longtime favorite. 

2nd. Cannablis-The Sorority House 3rd. Spacebuds

Best Budtender: 1st. Johnny Dominguez 

2nd. Mike Green 3rd. Soren Cummings Kaldahl

Best Kush for your Cash: 1st. Jamaica Joel’s 

2nd. Caspers 3rd. Nectar

Best Grocery Store: 1st. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s has long been a favorite for college students with their cheap and healthy food options. With a vast selection of frozen meals and treats to try, as well as fresh produce, meats, and dairy, Trader Joe’s brings you great food that won’t hurt the bank.

2nd. Market of Choice 3rd. Friendly St. Market

Best Thrift Shop: 1st. Buffalo Exchange 

You want to get rid of old, underworn threads, but you can’t afford the hip, vintage wardrobe of your dreams? Buffalo Exchange can help with both of these issues! Get cash or in-store credit for your unneeded clothes and find new outfits at prices that won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse.

2nd. Plato's Closet 3rd. St. Vinny's

Best Local Place to Buy Books: 1st. The Duck Store 

2nd. Smith Family Bookstore 3rd. J Michaels Books

Best Clothing Store: 1st. Glit & Gossamer 

Glit & Gossamer, located in the 5th Street Market, features local artisan goods as well as brands such as Levi’s and Free People. Since 2014, Glit & Gossamer has run their storefront in Eugene since 2014, and has grown to feature household items as well.

2nd. Buffalo Exchange 3rd. Public Streetwear

Best Car Dealer: 1st. Oregon Roads 

2nd. Lithia 3rd. Hertz

Best Shopping Center: 1st. Valley River Center 

One stop, and tons of stores from H&M to The Walking Company, you’ll find everything you need in one go. They even have a place to schedule an iPhone repair and a chocolate shop to get your sweet fix.

2nd. Oakway Center 3rd. 5th St. Market

Best Auto Service Center: 1st. Jiffy Lube 

2nd. Les Schwab 3rd. Lube It USA

Best Pharmacy: 1st. Hiron’s 

At Hirons, you can wait for a prescription and get lost in the isles of colors and wind chimes at the same time. Mail a card to your mom for her birthday, shop for your Halloween costume in advance, check out incense for your room, grab a white shirt for the checklist party, and find a ruler for your Trig class all in one trip.

2nd. UO Health Center 3rd. Safeway

Best Mattress Store: 1st. Eugene Mattress Co.

2nd. The Mattress Company 3rd. American Mattress

Best Local Shoe Store: 1st. Eugene Running Co. 

More than just a storefront to get help picking the perfect trainers or sneakers, Eugene Running Company features a community of runners. From those who are just getting started, to those who have been on the run for years, Eugene Running Company organizes running and walking groups to keep Eugene active.

2nd. Burch's 3rd. Footwise

Best Music Store: 1st. House of Records 

Since 1971, Eugene’s House of Records has thrived on 13th street as the premiere place to pick up CDs, DVDs, vinyls, cassettes, and more. The quaint location is wall to wall with vinyls to satisfy your vintage music taste.

2nd. Epic Seconds 3rd. Moon Rock Records

Best Natural Food Store: 1st. Whole Foods 

The Whole Foods in Eugene features a sandwich bar, coffee and craft brew bar, taco bar, pastry case, artisan cheese selection and more. Check out the vast kombucha selections and cold brews as you shop for groceries.

2nd. Sundance 3rd. Kiva

Best Bike Shop: 1st. Bicycle Way of Life 

Bicycle Way of Life is proud to be small; this quaint location that’s been open since 1985 is a one stop shop for all your bicycle needs. With a warm and friendly staff, you’ll get all the bike-related assistance you’re looking for, and you’ll have a great time too!

2nd. Blue Heron 3rd. Arriving By Bike

Best Place to Load up on Duck Gear: 1st. The Duck Store 

Where better to load up on the latest duck gear than The Duck Store itself? Stop in for the latest hoodies, jerseys, t-shirts, household items, and more! Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, discounts and more on their website for the best deals.

2nd. Hiron's 3rd. Goodwill

Best Property Management: 1st. ACC

American Campus Communities is a staple in student housing across the country, and for good reason. Stunning amenities in every apartment and shared spaces, nearly 24/7 on-site assistance and an outstanding reputation when it comes to staff are just a few of the highlights of living at an ACC community. All of their locations are a stone’s throw away from campus, downtown and dozens of other staples in the Eugene area. According to ACC, it’s just where students love living.

2nd. Bell Real Estate 3rd. Ducks Village

Best Property Manager: 1st. Sheila Barnett - ACC 

2nd. Ducks Village 3rd. Krystina Shank

Best Amenities: 1st. ACC

2nd. 13th & Olive 3rd. Chase at The Flats

Best Housing Company: 1st. ACC 

2nd. Chase Village 3rd. Soto

Best Dorm: 1st. Global Scholar's Hall 

There is no place that blends academics and the comfort of home quite like the Global Scholars Hall. Nestled into a quiet but beautiful back corner of campus, this dormitory boasts a well-known dining hall, a cozy fireplace and some of the nicer residences on campus. It’s a first-come first-serve stop for freshmen looking for the place to be.

2nd. Living Learning Center 3rd. Burgess Hall

Best Housing Location: 1st. ACC - 515

Towering over Broadway and part of campus, The 515, American Campus Communities latest installment quickly became the place to stay for students. With a multitude of floorplans, killer views and a rooftop pool and lounge area, the 515 is a great place to enjoy the comfort of home while living your best college life simultaneously. It’s location and facilities alone ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck at the 515.

2nd. K14 3rd. Chase Village

Best Housing Value: 1st. ACC - 515 

2nd. AG Campus 3rd. Duck Village

Best Health Clinic: 1st. Nova Urgent Care 

Nova Health and its team of compassionate, caring, and collaborative health care providers promise to keep its patients at the center of its universe. Together we will alleviate pain and distress, find the answers that lead to healing, and build pathways to long-term health and wellness through our unique approach to healthcare that is built on a foundation of caring for our community, our patients, and one another.

Kind faces, clean facilities and quick but efficient service are just a few of the major staples offered in your trip to Nova Urgent Care. Located conveniently in several locations throughout Eugene and Springfield, these urgent cares offer a wide range of services and are great if you haven’t found a family doctor or specialist yet.

2nd. Planned Parenthood 3rd. U of O Health Center

Best Dentist: 1st. Oakmont Family Dental 

Going to the dentist isn’t always the most exciting thing to do, but Oakmont Family Dental makes it something to look forward to. This dedicated staff is there to make your visit comfortable, quick and clean with friendly faces and state-of-the-art facilities for dental care. Whether you’re looking for dentures, a quick cleaning or a new family dentist, Oakmont is the place for you.

2nd. Smiles 3rd. Villano

Best Off Campus Fitness Center: 1st. Barre3

If you’re looking to get off campus or a less-traditional fitness experience, Barre3 is bringing a whole new kind of workout to the scene. Barre3 is a unique fitness center that offers a combination of classic fitness classes and facilities with the concept of mindfulness and holistic health. It’s not just a gym, it’s a community, a wellness retreat and a space to become the healthiest version of you.

2nd. Star Cycle 3rd. Oakway Fitness Center

Best Adult/Pleasure Shop: 1st. As You Like It

A well-recognized face on campus for getting involved with local events and organizations, As You Like It comes through in their storefront and wide range of paraphernalia for all interests. “Non-toxic, eco-friendly, body-positive” and more, this pleasure shop is certain to make everyone comfortable and help you find what you need to spice up your adult life.

2nd. Adult Shop 3rd. Eva's Boutique

Best Tattoo Parlor: 1st. High Priestess

Conveniently located just a stones throw from campus, High Priestess is a one-stop shop for all of your body art needs. The roster of talented artists is sure to impress, so be sure to call ahead and make sure they have time for walk-ins! Whether it’s a quick ear piercing, a full sleeve or you don’t quite know what you want, this tattoo parlor is guaranteed to leave you satisfied and inked up.

2nd. Northwest Tattoo 3rd. Black Label Tattoo

Best Hair Salon: 1st. Honeycomb Salon & Spa

All the buzz about this salon is well-deserved, as you’re certain to walk out of Honeycomb Salon & Spa feeling and looking fresher than you ever did before. Hair, nails, tanning, waxing and more, this beauty parlor has it all in a two-story townhouse that is just a few blocks away from campus to make it even easier.

2nd. Blessings 3rd. Gervais

Best Nail Salon: 1st. Honeycomb

2nd. Amanda's Nails 3rd. City Nails

Best Massage: 1st. Footloose Massage

Starting to feel the aches and pains of quarantine? Not to worry, Footloose Massage is here to save the day. Eugene’s premier therapeutic massage center, they offer services such as reflexology, foot treatments and even group massage so the whole family can de-stress. Take your shoes off, and relax.

2nd. Pearl Day Spa 3rd. Massage Envy