We’re Hiring

Join the 2020-2021 Emerald Newsroom Staff 

Come work for America’s best college media company. We’re looking for students with a strong work ethic, a desire to learn and the drive to be the best. If you’re short on experience, don’t worry. We’re looking for students with passion and commitment, not a perfectly polished résumé.

If you fit that description, we want to hear more.

  • News reporters. The foot soldiers of the Emerald army. Relentless, informed and often in a meeting. News breaks and they fix it. News reporters:
    • Write regular anchor stories on tight deadlines.
    • Work on large-scale reporting projects.
    • Collaborate frequently with other reporters and desks.
    • Maintain regular breaking shift hours to keep an eye on news in the community.
  • Opinion Columnists – It’s like news, but with a stance. Opinion columnists provide unique perspectives on relevant issues. Columnists represent themselves and direct their voice at a targeted audience. The Opinion desk is currently looking for writers who have strong opinions regardless of beliefs, practices or affiliations. You do not have to have practice in journalism to be on the Opinion desk. Columnists must:
    • Write a column every other week
    • Provide subjective commentary on politics and issues both local and national
    • Provide necessary reporting to emphasize your point
    • Have strong opinions
  • Videographers. Videographers are responsible for shooting and editing original videos on student life in UO and culture in Eugene. Videos range from interviews, Q&A’s, event/news recaps and investigations. Videographers must:
    • Create 8 to 10 videos per term.
    • Show a video portfolio which demonstrates their familiarity with shooting and editing software.
  • Arts & Culture reporters. A&C reporters cover movies, music, TV, books, events and all things culture. In-depth coverage of everything happening around campus that a college student might do on the weekend. Seeking strong reporters. Currently no positions in music department. A&C reporters:
    • Write regular features.
    • Provide subjective commentary on the arts in the form of reviews and event coverage.
    • Work with multimedia desks to create vibrant visual content.
    • Tell fellow students what to do on Friday and Saturday.

If you know which of the above positions you’d like to apply for, send us a 300-word cover letter, a resume and up to four work samples at Make sure you include which position you’re applying for in the cover letter.

If you have further questions, feel free to send questions to the Editor in Chief, Zach Price, at