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How do you hope to change the world?

As a University of Oregon student, I never really felt there was a place or group that I fit in to. I wandered between workplaces and student organizations, doing what I could and making some friends, but I didn’t feel at home until joining the Emerald staff. 


As I grew up, the camera became a bigger tool, one with which to discover what the world meant to me. This transformed into a love of the camera, a partnership with the lens. It was my outlet and my shield.

At every point in my life, I was unknowingly making decisions that brought me to where I am now. If you asked me today where I imagine my life will go, I might tell you that I don’t have to imagine. I am a writer and storyteller, and I only intend on becoming better at it.

I can attribute most of my love for writing to the Emerald. Writing an article on a semi-weekly basis for three years has shown me that I can write about almost anything, and, for the most part, will actually enjoy it.