Guest Viewpoint

(Maisie Plew/Emerald)

This piece reflects the views of the UO's Black Student Task Force, and not those of Emerald Media Group. It has been edited by the Emerald for grammar and style. Send your columns or submissions about our content or campus issues to [email protected]

We would like to begin by congratulating the inimitable Lyllyle Reynolds-Parker on the University Of Oregon board of trustees’ unanimous vote to name the Black Cultural Center after her. We would like to also extend congratulations to the Reynolds-Parker family, as well. 

When we released our List of Demands in 2015, which included a Black Cultural Center, our vision was to create an academic environment that embodies the commitment to academic success, lifetime work and virtuous principles of Mrs. Parker. Thus, it is not only fitting that the BCC will bear Mrs. Parker’s name, it is right.  

While we are thankful for the years of kindness, sacrifice and advocacy Mrs. Parker has championed for us Black students, we know that we can never reimburse the good Mrs. Parker has done for us. What our organization will do, and what we ask our fellow Black students to do, is to pass on her gift of compassion and advocacy to present/future Black students, as wealth that lasts innumerable generations. 

Lastly, Mrs. Parker’s decades of selfless advocacy and support for Black students, leads us to be sure that Mrs. Parker, the ever civil and humble individual that she is, and has been, is honored by this gesture. However, we assure Mrs. Parker the following; the honor is the University of Oregon’s. 

We thank and congratulate Mrs. Lyllye Reynolds-Parker once again. 

With kind regards,

University of Oregon Black Student Task Force