A young ducks fan cheers during a media timeout. Oregon Ducks men’s basketball takes on University of Arizona at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Ore. on Mar. 2, 2019. (Ben Green/Emerald)

Every home game Matt Knight Arena is packed with fans. The energy is incredible as students, families and alum pour into the stadium. The school spirit and passion of the fans shake the stadium after every basket. This energy is what makes Oregon basketball so unique. Oregon basketball games are an incredible experience for a myriad of reasons.

  • UO has amazing traditions and history

The University of Oregon men’s basketball team played their first season in 1902 and the women in 1973. While Oregon may not have the oldest program they have plenty of history and traditions. Matt Knight Arena is packed every weekend with alums, students and families. The energy is unbelievable as people from all over Oregon come back to watch the Ducks. One of the best and well-known traditions is the iconic “Shout” from Animal House, played after the third quarter of every game. Nike recently remade the video with UO alumn and the Duck. It’s a very fun tradition and an incredible sight to see 10,000 people all dancing along to this Animal House classic.

  • The women are breaking school records

This year the UO Women’s team is doing better than ever before. They are currently 25-3 and before a loss to Oregon State broke their 17 game streak, they were undefeated in the PAC 12 season. After losses to Oregon State and UCLA, the women dropped from No. 2 to No. 6 in the AP Poll. Despite these losses, the women are incredible to watch. This team broke program history when they ascended to the No. 2 spot, unprecedented for this program. This is a great time to tune into women’s basketball and watch our team break records.

  • The culture and energy

Part of what makes UO games so unbelievable is the generations of ducks coming to games and the immense energy. Fans “throwing an O” and chanting the fight song contribute to the one-of-a-kind duck culture. It’s magical to be a part of. At the last women’s home game against UCLA, UO Women’s basketball alum came out at halftime. Decades later, these women are still coming back to support the ducks and show love for UO.

  • The Duck

The Oregon Duck is at all the games, dancing and goofing around he is one of the highlights of any sporting event. The Duck never fails to pump up the crowd and encourage the team. In the 1920s Oregon actually used a live duck named Puddles. Up until 1940 ‘Puddles’ served as the UO mascot until the Humane Society deemed it inhumane to bring a live duck to sporting events. The Duck we see now originated in 1947 when Oregon athletic director Leo Harris made a deal with Walt Disney to design a duck (similar to Donald Duck) as the UO mascot.

  • Student involvement

The Oregon student body is very active in Oregon athletics. The student section is packed at most of the games. Overflowing with spirited students, rooting for the Ducks. Keelie Worthington, UO junior, comments on why she loves Oregon basketball:

I love going to basketball games because of the community that comes with attending. It’s exciting when everyone can come together to support the teams; the school pride is unreal! Even if you don’t understand basketball the atmosphere and friends made from showing support is something I personally have not found anywhere else.

Keelie, among many other students, love attending games. The Oregon Pit Crew consists of passionate student fans. This student-run organization attends all the games and leads cheers, livening up the student section. The Oregon student section is loud and proud — a sight like none other.

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