Guest Viewpoint

(Maisie Plew/Emerald)

On March 17, Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator for the White House's coronavirus task force urged: "Right now we need the army of millennials out there doing everything that they can to protect themselves from getting infected because we know a lot of their cases will be mild or asymptomatic, and making sure that they're doing every single precaution to protect their parents and grandparents." 

I couldn’t agree more. As a young person and college student, I’m part of the largest generation in the history of our country. My generation will be critical in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus and keeping our communities safe.  

To protect our grandparents, professors, neighbors, and community members; to care for our community together; to flatten the curve and practice good social distancing; my friends and I are pledging to stay home. 

We’re calling on our student government presidents, our football quarterbacks and our peers to sign and share the pledge at Together we can take action for a change and keep our communities safe.

Elizabeth Radcliffe

OSPIRG Students

State Board Chair

OSPIRG Students is the state’s oldest student directed and funded nonprofit advocating for our environment, public health, and