College is a unique time when students move from home and experience lots of change in a short amount of time. We’re exposed to new experiences, ideas, responsibilities and opportunities that help and hinder our social, emotional and cognitive development. In our country, underage drinking and binge drinking are often brushed off as “part of the college experience.” The newly proposed social host ordinance will create a healthier and safer environment in Eugene, while holding those who should be responsible accountable for their actions.

Younger students are often living on their own for the first time, and they look to older students to show them how to be a Duck. Research has shown parties are where young drinkers are introduced to heavy drinking by older, more experienced drinkers (Wagenaar, 1996). The ordinance would hold the older students responsible for allowing underage students to drink at their parties.

Oregonians and Ducks share many of the same values. The social host ordinance is another component that fits into our shared values, a preventative effort to help maintain the safety of Ducks and community members. The ordinance’s goal is to lower and deter the recurrence of underage drinking — and unruly behavior. If you are over 21, drink responsibly and have respectful parties, then you have nothing to worry about. — Josiah Dawley, student@@[email protected]@




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