Letter to the editor supporting we are oregon

Miles Sisk, EMU Board Chair and former ASUO senator, proposed to move EMUB off the Incidental Fee budget.

Fellow Students:

Student programs are an integral part of the college experience. However, navigating the programs process here at the UO can be challenging. From recognition to securing funding, there are times where it is difficult to be a leader of a student program here. However, there are individuals within the campus community that consistently advocate for programs. We Are

Oregon Presidential Candidate Miles Sisk is one of those people. Throughout his career in the ASUO, Miles has advocated for policies that ensure that student programs can fairly receive funds from the ASUO surplus. He has also made significant efforts to reach out to student groups as they go through the special requests process to ensure they have their needs met.

We Are Oregon specifically advocates for programs. From ensuring that groups receive more funding, to streamlining the programs recognition process to create more student groups, and by pushing for an ASUO marketing team to promote events and getting involved, We Are Oregon cares about programs.

As student leaders and program members, we support We Are Oregon because we believe this campaign genuinely cares and will go above and beyond to stand up for what programs need.

Sandra Benny

International Students Association, President

YeYoung Lee

Korean Student Association, President

Erin Horwitz

Jewish Student Union, Co-President

Laura Ticho

Jewish Student Union, Co-President

Sydney Zuelke

Editor-In-Chief, Her Campus Oregon

Christine Webb

Co-Director, Camp Kesem Oregon

Cassidy Garcia

ASUO Liason, Divisi

Edgar Ortega,

Vice President, Veterans and Family Student Association

Lindsey Simmons

Director of Public Relations, Ethos Magazine

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