As a student of color at the University, I have seen how diverse our campus is and the improvements we need to make. Students from all walks of life attend this University to obtain an education. Our policies and our complete negligence of the needs of international students do not reflect the amount of diversity that we have on campus. As vice president, I will be committed to changing this.

I will improve our plans for the recruitment and retention of students of color at this university. This is one of many new policies that will go into a four-year diversity plan. By doing this, the ASUO will also create an infrastructure to support the student unions and their respective communities.

Last year, while in the dorms, I witnessed one of my hallmates being subjected to utter negligence@@could mean ‘neglect’@@ by this university. He was an international student who moved in during winter term, and he received absolutely no help from any administrator or student service. He didn’t know how to register for classes or get books, and he didn’t even know that he needed twelve credits to be a full-time student. Letting someone fall through the cracks like this is unacceptable. If you’re a Duck, you’re a Duck.

As vice president, I swear that I will make it my responsibility to ensure that no other students needlessly fall through the cracks. Vote Ben and Lamar!

Lamar Wise@@

ASUO Senate President

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