Do you ever feel like there isn’t much to do on campus after 5 p.m.? Well, you’re right — there really isn’t! That’s why Ducks After Dark came together to pilot late-night movie programming. We encourage students to stay on campus and engage in fun, alcohol-free activities.

We launched our first “after dark” efforts by screening weekly double-header movies in 150 Columbia. What began with about 20 people has grown to more than 90 in four short weeks. There is definitely a need for this kind of activity and plenty of people to attend who love free pizza, soda, raffles and movies.

There is only one more week of Ducks After Dark left, so be sure to grab your friends to come see cool movies — “Hugo” and “The Princess Bride” — this Friday, May 18th at 9 p.m. in 150 Columbia. Find us on Facebook and vote on your pick for the first screening! Help us reach our goal to create healthy, fun, and sustainable activities that help activate the heart of campus at night.

Jo Niehaus@@

University student

EMU project facilitator

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