During election season, college-aged voters such as myself find that the ads on TV start sounding like the same messages with a different name at the end of the advertisement. As the local University newspaper, I think it would be interesting to read an article that shows the different candidates and their positions on debated issues in the community. Voter education is very important, and I feel that as a college student, having their positions in writing would be helpful for me when filling out my ballot.

Politicians face being entirely exposed when they run; every error is exposed, every possible fact is dug up by the opposition. Candidates do not focus on what they believe in but on how to most efficiently take down the person standing opposite them. This is degenerative to our political voting system. Voters see the negative side of each nominee, and when they vote, they are voting for the lesser of two evils. Instead of having assurance that they voted for the person that they agree with the most, they vote for the person they disagree with less. America was founded as a representative democracy, and we need to change the way campaigning works so that voters can properly choose people that they believe will represent them. To be a land for the people, we need to focus on what we are going to be gaining by appointing a candidate, not what we should be preparing for when they let us down.

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