Lovely: Why college students should buy girl scout cookies

(Brenna Fox/Emerald)

The Girl Scouts have been known for over a century, but they are probably most famous for their cookies. While the excitement only lasts for the few weeks that the cookies sell, there are plenty of reasons why college students should buy Girl Scout Cookies, other than their obvious deliciousness.

Educational Programs

The Girl Scout company has prided itself on the fact that its girls learn to grow and develop their interests in an all-girls, supportive environment. The Girl Scout program creates G.I.R.L.s: go-getters, innovators, risk-takers and leaders. It focuses on supporting girls and giving them the opportunity to find what they are truly passionate about. The STEM program allows girls to learn science, technology, engineering and math — subjects that many girls don’t pursue because they are usually male-dominated fields. The STEM program gives girls the skills to solve problems with critical thinking, while giving them the knowledge to become better students and find a career path. It supports young women figuring out what they love to do early in life.

College students should be supporting organizations like the Girl Scouts because it supports the next generation. The Girl Scout company allows girls to build their own robots, rollercoasters, race cars and gliders; which is something I wish I could do. It is an extraordinary opportunity for these girls, and if eating a few amazingly delicious cookies can help Girl Scouts build robots, then we should stuff our faces.

Building Good People

Another reason to buy cookies is because the Girl Scout company teaches its scouts countless life skills:  how to build a love for community service, civic engagement, financial literacy, healthy living, practical life skills and healthy relationships. The programs the Girl Scouts have for its troops support their entrepreneurship and creating their own opportunities to get involved. The Girl Scouts wants to provide its troops the tools to build a healthy life and a bright future for themselves that they know how to maintain. They learn how to deal with issues like bullying and aggression by creating badges to incentivise troops to learn these skills.

The programs and activities that the Girl Scout company sets up involves things that college students still struggle to accomplish. Again, if the cookies help to fund these kinds of programs, then eat on, my friends.


The final – and probably most appetizing – reason that college students should be buying Girl Scout Cookies is because of the delicious things that come out of their expansion. For example, Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced its release of new iced coffees inspired by Girl Scout Cookie flavors like Thin Mints, Peanut Butter cookies (like Tagalongs) and Coconut Caramel cookies (like Samoas). Other companies have come out with Girl Scout cookie granola bars, coffee creamer, cereal, cupcake mix; all of which can be found in select stores and on Amazon. Yoplait Yogurt also released two Girl-Scout-inspired yogurt flavors this year, which can be found on Amazon. And if you are not a fan of Girl-Scout-themed foods and just like to appreciate the cookies for what they are, there are many websites that lay out the perfect alcoholic beverage to pair with your cookies. Articles mention beer, wine and some hard alcoholic beverages that complement your Girl Scout Cookie of choice. These cookies can be bought at most grocery stores around Eugene, but can also be located on the Girl Scout website using a zip code.

These cookies and the brand behind them are wonderful. They create programs for young girls to improve their lives, they teach them how to be independent and caring human beings and their brand is expanding each year and creating more delicious products for us to enjoy. So next time you see a little girl in a green vest at the store or at your door, take out your wallet and buy a couple boxes of cookies. Or if you are like me and live for these cookies, buy as many as you can carry.

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