No fan should be allowed to attend UO athletic events until in-person class, in some form, returns. Throughout the country, certain universities and professional teams have allowed a ‘small’ amount of spectators to attend games. Overall, this clearly leads to a higher chance of contracting the virus. Fans being able to attend athletic events leads to a variety of other events involving social gatherings.

Calloway: COVID-19 cases consistently increase with every day that passes. The University of Oregon can’t claim it puts students’ health first while continuing to keep facilities with high touch points open. To truly put the health of students, faculty and staff first, they need to shut these facilities down amid the pandemic.

Aghel: Every form of cruelty is a tragedy ─ in reality, it isn’t treated as such. It is time we acknowledge our inverted morality. Our need to rationalize human perpetrators of cruelty, as opposed to the irrational framing of cruelty in nature, distracts our ability to empathize with and aid the helpless.

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Since the police killing of George Floyd this summer, the United States has been reckoning with systemic racial inequality. This has led to many conversations among activists and commentators about which tactics are most effective in creating change. One camp might say the best way is to vot…

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Stevens: The fires we are experiencing on the West Coast are a symptom of climate change, not a political statement by any party. It is time to stop politicizing a problem that affects the whole planet.

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Duck Living | April 2020