5 Ways to Head Back to School in Style

(StatePoint) When it comes to back-to-school fashion, it’s all about the intersection of form and function. Here are five ways to stylishly accessorize and gear up for school.

1. Get covered.


Ensure the longevity of pricey tablets, phones and other mobile devices with durable, waterproof cases. This is an opportunity for students to not only take better care of their items but to also express themselves. Cases come in all styles and prints these days, replicating favorite paintings, landscape photography and more, and many online retailers even allow you to design a unique case by uploading your own image.

2. Make math fun.


Strut your stuff in math class with a stylish calculator such as the Casio fx-9750GII. It comes in pink, blue or white and has 200+ hours of battery life and a variety of graphing functions, making it both an item you need, and one that you’ll want.

3. Pump up your kicks.


This back-to-school season, do a quick audit of family footwear, even for feet that are no longer growing. Worn out shoes can cause discomfort and foot issues down the line and of course, everyone wants to start the school year looking sharp. Put your best foot forward with new pairs for all your needs: sneakers for sports and gym class, loafers, oxfords or your style of choice for everyday use, and looking ahead, boots for when the weather gets cold.

4. Keep time.


Keep time with a stylish timepiece that looks great with any outfit while keeping you organized. Check out those from the Vintage Timepiece Collection from Casio, which have a classic design and a variety of useful features, including alarms, stopwatches and auto-calendars. Water resistant and EL-backlit, they’re a practical accessory for getting to class on time.

5. Set your sights.


The back-to-school season is the ideal time of year to get vision checked. An out-of-date prescription can make focusing on the blackboard a challenge. Stay ahead of the class with the right pair of lenses. As for frames, these days there are more choices than ever when it comes to finding a pair that matches your style. To get an idea of what you like, check out online tools that offer sizing and style guides and let you upload your photo to envision what different frames will look like on your face.

6. Carry it all.


Your backpack or satchel is will you all day, every day, so let it display your personal style. But be sure to select a bag that’s not only big enough to carry all your books, binders and supplies, but one that’s also ergonomic. The right choice will distribute weight in a way that helps avoid shoulder, neck and back strain. Another factor to keep in mind is water-resistance and its ability to protect laptops and other tech gear. After selecting a bag, consider personalizing it with patches, pins or whatever speaks to you.

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