How Smart Technology is Going to Change Your Driving Experience

(StatePoint) You’ve probably heard that smart technology is going to change the driving experience to make it safer and more convenient. But if you’re not in the market for a new car, you may have assumed these developments won’t apply to you any time soon.

Not so fast. While many smart car technology features require you to purchase a brand-new vehicle -- such as keyless access and automatic emergency braking -- others promise to improve your time behind the wheel no matter what year your car rolled off the lot.

Bluetooth-enabled dashboard technology has expanded access to such hands-free technology as voice-controlled navigation and streaming entertainment, for a safer driving experience. But, the average age of vehicles on the road is over 11 years, meaning that having access to affordable smart technology in any age car will be a game changer for a large segment of American motorists.

One cool piece of tech for cars of all ages is the Roav VIVA Pro, an Alexa-enabled smart charger, which instantly makes any car smarter.  It can be connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth, FM or AUX connections and brings tens of thousands of Alexa skills, including news, weather, sports and games for your next road trip. The Roav VIVA Pro also delivers hands-free calling and messaging; Bluetooth music streaming; voice initiated navigation; and two fast charging ports to keep mobile devices charged while you are on the road.

It also features advanced noise cancellation and voice recognition technology to make sure Alexa can hear you clearly, even in a noisy car environment. To learn more, visit here.

Another useful way to smarten up a car is by adding an in-car LTE hotspot such as OnStar’s 4Q LTE service or T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE, all of which will give you and your passengers uninterrupted, high-speed internet on that long road trip to stream music, Netflix, online games and more.  

Driving around in a “dumb” car? Don’t feel left out. Affordable technology can help anyone get in on the smart car trend for safer, more convenient driving.


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