Zach Price selected as the Emerald’s 2018-2019 Editor in Chief

Zach Price will become the Editor in Chief of the Emerald in the fall. (Adam Eberhardt/Daily Emerald)

Emerald Media Group’s Board of Directors has selected Zach Price as the Emerald’s 2018-2019 Editor in Chief.

Price is studying journalism and joined the Emerald’s Arts and Culture desk as a reporter in 2016. He became an associate editor on the desk at the beginning of 2017.

“I’m really excited where we can take the Emerald and am excited to work with the staff,” Price said. “It will be good to bring new people into the Emerald and continue to teach and do great journalism.”

Price is focused on multimedia content and expanding the Emerald’s digital presence.

Ben Schorzman, the Board’s director, said that the decision to select Price comes as the Emerald is searching for a new publisher.

“With a new publisher being hired this spring, we are in a transition this year and felt that someone with strong leadership qualities was necessary,” Schorzman said. “In our opinion, his leadership qualities stood out to us, and we were impressed by his vision in his presentation.”

Schorzman said that Price understands that the Emerald’s readership is evolving and that the Emerald must find new ways to reach readers.  

“He knows that fewer people are reading us in print. He has some really good ideas for multimedia and video and creating a focus on digital storytelling.”

Fellow Arts and Culture associate editor Dana Alston said that Price is extremely dedicated to the desk.

“Zach is an excellent choice to be Editor in Chief,” Alston said. “He’s always been hard working, knowledgeable and dedicated to his job. I think he’ll bring that same level of dedication to his new position.”

Price will continue working on the Arts and Culture desk and shadow current Editor in Chief Jack Pitcher until June.

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