What to expect from ASUO 2018-2019

As most University of Oregon students focused on getting through the second week of fall term, the ASUO senate met last Wednesday night as they always do. During this meeting, senators were appointed to positions of Senate Vice President, Senate Treasurer and many more. 

Claire O’Connor, a freshman, was sworn in during the meeting that took place on Oct. 9 as representative for senate seat 24. Each year, a new freshman is appointed to seat 24 as a way to include first year students in the debate on how to distribute the 17 million dollar budget that ASUO manages.

“I am confident about my position as the First Year Representative and feel that as I learn more about ASUO and the senate I will be a good voice for my fellow first year classmates,” O’Connor wrote in an email to the Emerald. “This year I am hoping to give the first-year class a platform to express their thoughts and concerns and that through my position as a senator I will be able to take action and really make a difference.”

Isaiah Boyd, the ASUO Senate President, was eager to welcome the freshman as a new peer. 

“I remember coming in as the first-year representative myself, so I can kind of relate to the position she is in. We’re happy to have her a part of the ASUO senate,” Boyd said.

Haley Seyranian, the new Senate Vice President, was voted into office during the meeting on Wednesday. This year marks her second year in serving on the ASUO senate. 

Seyranian held senate seat 17 last year, and continues to hold it through this school year as well. In that seat, Seyranian represents those who major in geography, political sciences, economics and international studies.  

“Basically, the job is to back up Isaiah, the Senate President,” Seyranian said on the topic of her new position as vice president. “I help with various administrative tasks and spend a lot of time on OrgSync.”

Despite having the responsibilities of three different jobs within ASUO, Seyranian is excited to get to work. 

“We have a lot of great people on staff this year,” Seyranian added.

Daniel Teo, Senate Treasurer, was also newly appointed during the meeting on Oct. 9. 

Teo did not respond to a request for a comment about his new position.

Along with his new position, Teo will continue to work as the representative in a programs finance committee senate seat. PFC is comprised of a group of senators all working on allocating a specific amount of the I-fee to student groups directly. These senators work directly with the student groups to ensure each organization receives their programming and administration costs.  

On the ASUO Voter Guide when he ran for his senate seat in the spring, Teo outlined his extensive experience with financial dealings during his time in ASUO’s PFC and his experience partnering with Oregon Students United to lobby for more state funding from Oregon State Legislators in Salem.

According to Boyd, the senators are hard at work in their new positions already.