As winter term starts, these six construction projects on campus move closer to completion.

Chapman Hall: Set for completion winter 2018

Chapman Hall awaits a construction permit to start renovations, scheduled for March. UO is not holding any classes in Chapman and the Clark Honors College is temporarily operating out of Mac Court until renovations are complete.

Workers have already completed interior demolition, according to Project Manager Gene Mowery, which allowed for confirmation of the design; workers opened up the building and were able to see what it needed.

“Essentially we have gutted the building,” said Mowery. “There is still some historic fabric that is left in the building; but, this is a very extensive renovation.”

Built in 1939, Chapman was once home to the original UO bookstore and humanities classes, but it’s purpose has changed. Mowery said the renovation is “timely” not only regarding system updates but concerning space configuration as well, to better serve its current uses.

The renovation is scheduled for completion beginning winter term 2018 when the Honors College resumes its normal operations in Chapman.

New unnamed residence hall: Set for completion in June 2017

The new residence hall, just south of the Global Scholars Hall, is well under way and construction continues through winter and spring terms to meet the June completion date.

According to George Bleekman, project manager, the shell is completed and the windows are installed.

The hall is currently unnamed, according to Michael Griffel, UO Director of Housing. Griffel is currently working with students in the Residence Hall Association to choose a name and begin the naming process.

Berwick Hall: Set for completion June – July 2017

Berwick Hall changes look with a new renovation, located near the School of Music and Dance. The Oregon Bach Festival received donor funds to build the new hall, according to the project description on the Campus Planning, Design and Construction website. The project costs about $8.7 million — all donated.

“We are working right now on putting a roof on the building and looking for some dry weather in which to do so,” said project manager Martina Oxoby.

The project is scheduled to be completed sometime during the Bach Festival next season, which runs from June to July, according to Oxoby. They are hoping to have an event centered around the building at that time as well.

Oregon Hall: Set for completion fall 2018

Oregon Hall will soon be undergoing renovations also. According to Patrick Munker, project manager for Oregon Hall, workers are about two weeks from knowing when construction will begin, however, parts of the building have been vacated.

The business affairs offices on the first floor temporarily moved to the Thompson Center on East 13 Ave.

Pacific Hall: Set for completion June 2018

Parts of Pacific Hall and Huestis Hall are undergoing renovations as well, with crews working in scattered areas throughout the buildings.

Pacific Hall is undergoing multiple renovations including rooms on the first and second floors and in the basement.

Pacific is scheduled to be completed in June of 2018, according to the Campus Planning, Design and Construction website.

Huestis Hall: Set for completion May 2018

In Huestis Hall, workers are renovating two rooms to create a new lab, according to the Campus Planning, Design and Construction website.

A Register-Guard Article from September reported that 14 labs will be updated upon completion. Half will be used for current faculty and half will be used for new hires.

Huestis Hall is scheduled to be completed in May of 2018.

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