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University of Oregon Police say there is no threat to the UO campus despite pictures circulated by users on social media over the weekend of a male with captions warning that he was allegedly planning a shooting Monday, according to UOPD spokesman Kelly McIver.

Following reports of the posts, the University of Oregon Police Department contacted the subject of the posts and determined that he does not pose a threat.

“University of Oregon police are aware of recent social media posts by a member of the UO community that have caused concern,” McIver wrote in an email on Saturday. “Police have contacted the man; he is voluntarily cooperating with police and campus and local partners. Police do not consider him a threat currently and are doing everything legally possible to address the situation. Privacy laws prevent police from sharing more information.” 

McIver wrote that UOPD’s knowledge of the threats were not based on false reports, or falsified stories. McIver confirmed that the report was legitimate but the person who was reported did not pose a threat.

UO students and employees received a UO Alert at 4:14 p.m. saying that there is "no current credible threat to UO" and that campus operations are normal. The alert also said that reports on social media are inaccurate and that "the original posts of concern did not threaten the campus, or threaten shooting."

"A problem is that some things that get shared on social media are never reported to law enforcement, and some social media posts just pass on inaccurate or unconfirmed claims," McIver wrote in an email on Sunday. 

McIver recommended that members of the community should share any knowledge they have about self-harm or harm done to other community members by contacting law enforcement or calling 9-1-1. UOPD can be reached at 541-346-2919 and the Eugene Police Department can be reached at 541-682-5111.

The Emerald will continue to report on this story as more information becomes available.

Michael is one of the Emerald's associate news editors. He does investigative work as well as stories about the UO Administration. Drop him a tip: [email protected]

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