Right outside the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) is the amphitheatre where students or the public often populate to enjoy the outdoor campus scenery. The University of Oregon’s campus operations have new regulations due to the circumstances of COVID-19. By August 26th, if the University believes that they do not have the ability to manage COVID-19, they will seek out more limited options for students, faculty and staff. (Kevin Wang/Daily Emerald)

The news moves pretty fast, and COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Oregon. The Daily Emerald summarized this week’s coronavirus news. See what you might have missed:

Lane County

Lane County reported a total of 570 COVID-19 cases, with 86 new cases in the past week. Thirty-eight residents are currently infectious, with four individuals currently hospitalized, as of August 6. Lane County Public Health is averaging about 70 tests a week, with 44,043 overall, according to LCPH data.

While Lane County is seeing a rising case count, the number of infectious individuals has remained relatively steady, according to LCPH spokesperson Jason Davis. 

University of Oregon

The total number of cases within the UO community has remained steady since last week, at 43 cases.

UO’s live-on requirement is still in place for fall term, according to Housing Director Michael Griffel, limited to single and double rooms. The university set aside dorms for isolation purposes, in the event that a student becomes infected or exposed to COVID-19.

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UO’s communication team reached out to ASUO to reflect on the university’s COVID-19 communication, as well as seek new ways to stay in touch with students about the pandemic. UO asked students to participate in their 2020 Global Pandemic Student Perspectives Survey in an email sent on August 8.

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Oregon has seen an additional 2,094 cases since July 31, bringing the total case count to 20,225. Oregon Health Authority reported 24 new deaths since last week. The highest age group for COVID-19 infection is 20 to 29 year olds, accounting for 20% of cases.